Title: Stopwords
Type: Sound
Year: 2013
Genre: Trio
Instruments: Bass and tenor sax, percussion, piano, video and electronics
Commission: TDM Trío De Magia
Premiere: 29 September 2013
Location: XIII International Festival of Contemporary Music of Tres Cantos / Madrid
Performer: TDM_Trío De Magia


Title: The Paths Uncertain
Exhibition: Group
Date: 29 September 2013
Location: Teatro Tres Cantos. Madrid


In Stopwords, Roberto López proposes a journey through the rights and dignities of human life. For this he borrows reading the text of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in many languages ​​and destroys it, fragments it, decomposes it, to then put it together again and create a new reading of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, where in this case the meaning is lost and has become something unintelligible. Roberto López wants to express with this action, that words, as a way that induces action, may or may not have meaning and what he intends is to question a text as significant and fundamental to the human condition to highlight their breach transforming it into something merely decorative and superficial.