Title: Allegro Artificiale
Type: Sound
Year: 2004
Genre: Solo
Instruments: Piano
Duration: 8m 50s
Premiere: 18 May 2006
Location: Ensems Festival - Teatre Talia / Valencia
Performer: Ananda Sukarlan


Title: Ensems
Exhibition: Group
Date: 18 May 2006
Location: Teatre Talia. Valencia


Between 2004 and 2006 Roberto López worked in a group of conceptually based works in an emerging field of science called Nanoscience, which is the study of materials at the nanometer scale which goes from the microscale to the atomic-molecular scale. Science is interested in studying the nano to get to better understand the world around us and with nanotechnology to manipulate and control objects at that scale.

This was for Roberto López a starting point to create three works, Allegro Artificiale in 2004, Green Goo between 2005 and 2006 and Polvo Cósmico in 2006.

Allegro Artificiale is structured from small clusters of micro-sound material, small impulses of minimal expression which are developed to become more complex expressions.

The piece was premiered at the XXVIII International Festival of Contemporary Music - Ensems 2006 and was performed by Ananda Sukarland, one of the most important and virtuoso pianists of our time.