Title: Folie À Deux
Type: Sound
Year: 2001
Genre: Ensemble
Instruments: Fl_Cl_Per_ P_Vl_Vc
Duration: 9m
Prize: First Prize INJUVE 2001
Premiere: 10 July 2001
Location: CEULAJ Centro Eurolatinoamericano De Juventud / Málaga
Performer: INJUVE Ensemble
Conductor: Tomás Garrido


Title: Folie À Deux
Exhibition: Group
Date: 10 July 2001
Location: Ceulaj. Málaga


The sound proposal, part of the idea of expressing through sound, a psychiatric syndrome called Folie à Deux or "madness shared by two" which consists of a shared psychotic disorder in which, a belief of paranoid or delusional character, is transmitted from one individual to another.

To do this, Roberto López uses the sound mass, as if it were produced by one single instrument as opposed to the discursive possibilities that each instrument could develop in an independent way, that is, a sonorous idea unique is shared by all the instruments of the ensemble as a representation of this shared psychotic disorder.

Folie à Deux was awarded with the first prize in the Injuve meetings 2001.